Pavement Rehabilitation

Pavement Repairs - Pavement Rehabilitation
Austek Asphalt undertakes several types of pavement rehabilitation works including a few different treatment types: Pavement Reconstruction / Insitu Stabilisation / Profile & Insitu Stabilisation and Profile & Asphalt Overlay.

Austek Asphalt also undertakes a number of surfacing design details including Primer Seal & a PMB Seal Bitumen Surface or Primer Seal / PMB SAMI Seal or Geofabric Seal and Asphalt Overlay.

All Austek Asphalt pavement rehabilitation works are constructed while under traffic which requires extremely detailed traffic management and controls. This ensures minimal disruption to motorists and the local community.

Pavement Repairs - Pavement Rehabilitation 2


Austek Asphalt Business hold certification in ISO 14001 (Environmental) certified / AS/NZ 4801 (Safety) certification & ISO 9001 (Quality) certified.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

“Customers are our focus.” Our people have built a culture of honesty, integrity and safety with a target to exceed customer expectations every day.

Austek Asphalt Services. consistently bring open-minded ingenuity, innovation and time-tested knowledge to every project.

The Austek Asphalt Paving crews in QLD are highly trained and are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide superior strength and finishes to all asphalt surfacing and repair works.

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